Fri 20 Apr 2018

Next Event:- 22/04/2018 - 2.30pm at BURTEY FEN (Near Spalding)


Welcome to my website.

Here you will be able to keep up to date with where I am playing and have a look to see what new CDs and DVDs are available, as well as read about the history of my career.

I'm very much looking forward to starting to play for you all again this year, with my first show being at Bournemouth on the 12th April for a one hour lunchtime concert - do check out the date list page for all my shows. I'm also very excited about the grand unveiling of my Window on the Pier which will be taking place at Worthing on Wednesday 16th May 2018. This is a window especially commissioned for me by my Appreciation Society and is already in place so feel free to go and have a look for a preview! Do contact my secretary Sarah by email at or by phone on 07907 528191 for further details.

Last year was quite a year with possibly my last time playing at the Eastbourne Winter Garden back in July, but what a day it was. The Winter Garden is closed now due to the renovations and building work taking place at the theatres. It was a wonderful audience, I enjoyed performing my show for them very much and I was also presented with a certificate of thanks and some flowers from the Theatres Management after having played at Eastbourne Theatres for 36 years (photo below by Damon Cox).

On top of that, my appreciation society held their annual get-together following my afternoon show which all went very well and it was an opportunity to renew friendships and make new ones, a benefit of such a friendly group. It was a day to remember.

I'm delighted to tell you that my new CD - THEATRE ORGAN MAGIC - has been released and is now available to purchase either at my shows or on line from this website. This is recorded on the magnificent Christie organ at Paul Kirner's Music Palace, and really was a joy to play. Have a look at the Discography page for full details, and the Contact Me page to order your copy.

I'm looking forward to seeing many of you again this year as I travel the country for my music shows. Please note however that the two dates for Portslade (one in July and one in September) have been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

What a marvellous day we had in Eastbourne celebrating my 60th year in showbusiness last year. It was a huge audience for my afternoon show, wonderful to see so many people and friends there for me, and then the tea party and show afterwards also went very well. My thanks to Jonathan Adams, Ruby Thomas, Chris Mannion and Sarah Bryant for their musical participation during the evening show, and to all the many many JMAS members who were there - a great time was had by all!

It's been a very busy and enjoyable time just lately with trips up to the Lake District and Yorkshire playing some wonderful theatre organs and also down to Wales playing in the grand opening concerts at Paul Kirner's Music Palace featuring the magnificent Christie organ.

The two photos below by Erfyl Parry at Paul Kirner's Music Palace:

The opening concert weekend 20th August 2016:

The opening concert weekend 21st August 2016:

What a great pleasure it was to play at the Troxy for the Cinema Organ Society on the magnificent Wurlitzer organ there, and for such a wonderful audience too. A night to remember.

SPECIAL OFFER for my CD "SOME ENCHANTED EVENING" - now only 5 !! (+ p & p). Have a look on the discography page to see the track listing, and order safely on line via the Contact Me page.

I have now played my final show at the Worthing Pavilion after 35 years playing summer season in the town - it was a pleasure to have such a wonderful audience there for the occasion, but it's marked the end of an era for me.

The two photos below by Erfyl Parry:

The stage is set:

It's all over:

I still have a lot of other shows to come this year, including of course my 35th summer season at Eastbourne (the flyer for which appears further down the page) so don't miss out! I'm very much looking forward to all my dates, with some new ones too - such as the Troxy, London, playing the mighty Wurlitzer on the 26th July, and then playing the opening concerts in Porth (South Wales) on the magnificent Christie organ in August. Lots to look forward to and full details of all my public performances appear on the Date List page.

Thank you too to everyone who came to my show at the Dome, and it was such a pleasure to play to you all. Here I am after the show with the Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Councillor Lynda Hyde.

Of course I have also recorded a CD on this very organ, "Marches, Waltzes and Musicals" which is available to buy at my shows and also on line (see the Discography page for a full track listing, and the Contact Me page to order). Price is 10, plus 1.25 for postage and packing, cheques to be made payable to John Mann. Why not treat yourself?!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my 35th summer season this year at the Winter Garden in Eastbourne, and full details are below and on the date list page.

When I completed my 34th summer season at Worthing last year, I was very honoured that the Mayor of Worthing attended my last summer show at the Pavilion Theatre, where he made a speech and also presented me with this certificate.

At Eastbourne last year, on the 10th September, my show was followed by my Appreciation Society tea party. It was a wonderful occasion, good food and company with lots of enjoyable music.

Click here to see some clips of me performing one of my summer shows last year.

Back in June last year, I was thrilled to have been given a Mayoral Reception in my honour here in Brighton - it was such a privilege for me and I was truly delighted. Here is a photo of the Mayor (Councillor Lynda Hyde) presenting me with my certificate which marks my contribution to the cultural and musical life of the City.

Click here to read the write up in the Argus newspaper on the 24th June 2015.

There is also an interview with me here in the Argus from 30th May 2015.

I'm delighted to say that I am the new President of the Cinema Organ Society, it is a great honour for me. The Cinema Organ Society was founded in 1952 by Hubert Selby and Tony Moss for those interested in organ music as entertainment. For more details, please see their website:

This year, 2016, my Appreciation Society has been running for 35 years - quite an achievement! Have a look at the Appreciation Society page for more information and why not join?


was released in Summer 2013 and is available at just 10 plus p & p.

Tracks include Some Enchanted Evening, Sailing By, Lonely Ballerina, Love Never Dies, Passing Breeze and You Raise Me Up. See the Discography page for full details of the track listings, and the Contact Me page for how to order either using PayPal or by post. Also on sale at my shows (see Date List page for where I'll be in concert).

Have a look at the ON STAGE page of my website - new photos being added frequently.

I have various recordings available (CDs and DVDs), including 'GET HAPPY' which was recorded on the Allen Theatre Organ at Henley-on-Thames Town Hall. It costs just 10 and is on sale at my concerts or by post or on line: click on the 'Contact Me' Page for details. For a full list of tracks, please click on 'Discography'

MY CD "I LOVE A PIANO" is also proving very popular and is on sale at my concerts or by post - see Contact Me page for details. Price: 10 plus 1.25 p&p. (Cheques made payable to "John Mann"). For list of Titles click on "Discography"