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Eastbourne Herald - June 2016

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Worthing Herald - 13th December 2012 publicising John's Christmas show

The Cinema Organ Society Newsletter July 2009


What a pleasure it was to be able to join a large (one of the largest I have Seen) and enthousiastic audience to wish John a happy birthday at Brighton's famous Dome Theatre on June 21st. John was on great form as usual and presented a full comedy and music show and, as ever, could do no wrong as far as his audience was concerned.

From his parody of 'My Favourite Things' to his hilarious Mr.Pastry by way of Hermione Gingold and Maurice Chevalier he proved that he is the complete one-man show and must have been exhausted by the end of it. His piano solos were a delight and many sang along quite spontaneously. The Dome organ on the other hand still seems not to be quite right and it appeared to be a bit of a struggle for John, however, being the true professional that he is, he carried on and there were a couple of occasions when it sounded really quite nice. John's choice of music ranged from the classical to the relatively modern and proves that people will appreciate a good tune, whatever its age, if presented in an entertaining fashion.

There was a 'proper' sing along at the end with the words projected on a screen everyone had the chance to join in, and those around me did so heartily (some over so - you know who you are!) Despite the rigours of perfoming for nearly two hours John was out to meet his friends and admirers after the show and it was nice to be able to have a few words with him.

Don't forget that throughout the summer he is to be found at the Pavilion Theatre in Worthing every Wednesday afternoon - dates in our concert diary. If you haven't seen John's show, then you have missed a treat indeed. Thank you John for continuing to be the UK's top organist-entertainer (and doing it so well), for all your kindness and encouragement, all your support given so freely to organ societies over the years and long may it continue.

The Cinema Organ Society Newsletter June 2009


The opening of the Gaumont Manchester Wurlitzer on May 2nd was a wonderful event, and those who didn't get to it missed a treat. John Mann was on top form not only with his playing but with his humour, most of which was aimed at the audience, and which they seemed to not only enjoy but agree with! The Wurlitzer suited John's inimitable playing style and behaved itself for the most part, a couple of teething problems did nothing to spoil the enjoyment of the evening, certainly not for me or anyone I spoke to during the interval or after the show. The organ sounds terrific, helped by the installation in spacious chambers and the general acoustics of the hall. Ben Snowdon was on hand to ensure that all ran smoothly and he is to be congratulated as the brains behind the installation. The Gaumont Wurlitzer is rather fierce and has been tamed for the hall without losing its distinctive sound, and John fittingly began his programme with 'Powder Your Face With Sunshine' as a memory of the organ's famous past master.

Also present was Fred Smedley who helped Ben tirelessly with the installation and who I know felt very proud of the end product, as should all who were involved. The man who masterminded the concept and owns the Wurlitzer is Paul Kirner and he too must be congratulated for having the foresight to make the organ available to such a venue where it will be seen and heard by the public, just as they all should. The owner of Folly Farm, Glyn Williams, must also be credited for his enthousiasm and for making the dream come true by giving space to the project which deserves to become one of the popular theatre organ installations, not only in Wales but in the entire UK. If you haven't been then do go, take the family, yours or anyone else's.

The Wurlitzer is used twice daily, and whenever possible is played live. If no organist is available then is played via computer recordings of real players, and it was quite uncanny to hear John Mann's perfomance 'played back' after the show, complete with shutter movement and registration changes as if John had become invisable.

The Cinema Organ Society Newsletter June 2009. Report by John Leeming.

'AN EVENING WITH JOHN MANN' formed our May 8th meeting at the Alan Baxter Gallery. Victor Patterson chatted to John Mann about his life and his music, and as you can imagine, the wit was flowing backwards and forwards at quite a rate! The large audience not only had plenty to laugh about but also enjoyed an interesting range of music, slides and video clips that Victor had painstakingly researched and compiled, and the evening finished with people wanting more. There was a suggestion that we should do some similar presentations featuring other organists, something the committee will certainly look into.

25th Year at the Winter Garden in Eastbourne. Summer Season 2006

John opens the Hippodrome Fete. September 23rd 2006

Fashion Show at Theatre Fete. September 23rd 2006

John at Peterbrough

Recommened by the Key Times, Peterborough

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